Monitor and Control

The Netbiter genset monitoring system allows you to monitor and control generator sets over LAN, Internet, telephone modem, or wireless cellular connections.

The system contains built-in features such as an alarm handler (SMS, Email and SNMP), data logger (with trend graphs) and a built-in web server for monitoring and control.

The Netbiter WS100 module connects to the Internet via its built-in Ethernet port to a GSC400 or TG410 Auto Start Controller at a facility.  The Netbiter system makes the data available in an internal web server (Ethernet only) accessible by the user with a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or a smart phone, making it possible for the user to instantly read any parameter available from a remote location.  Optionally, a PSTN dial-up modem can be connected to the WS100 to provide access via conventional telephone lines.

The WS200 module adds the additional capability of using its built-in quad band GSM/GPRS cellular modem with any standard SIM card for remote or mobile gensets without Internet.

The WS200 module also supports an external GPS receiver, making it possible to be used for applications where the geographical position is important, such as rental fleets.